From Boston to Tokyo

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Bracco, IT

Fresenius, DE

Richter Gedeon, HU

Sun Pharma, IN

Taiwan Liposome Company, TW


Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, USA

Cristal Delivery, NL

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, USA

New Phase, IL

Silence Therapeutics, UK


University of Basel, CH

University Hospital Erlangen, DE

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL

Semmelweis University, HU

Tokushima University, JP




The study results were completely predictive of what we saw in the clinic. The data were all replicable, and the quality was high.
— Pharmaceutical Client

[SeroScience’s] comprehensive CARPA analysis predicted that our therapy would not elicit pseudoallergy reactions in patients and gave us peace of mind upon entering clinical trials.
— Pharmaceutical Client

[SeroScience] extended their CARPA model to interface seamlessly with our device, providing key insights we could not have found elsewhere.
— Medical Device Client

Janos’s [SeroScience CEO] expertise has been crucial in providing important insights for a project involving lipid nanoparticles. He brings a lifetime of expertise with the Complement cascade and various drug formulations. He is a passionate, highly dedicated scientist and I much appreciated the opportunity to work with him.
— Pia Kasperkowits, Toxicology Project Leader at Roche

I worked with Janos [SeroScience CEO] several years ago. He provided expertise on a project that involved a new formulation of an old drug. He and his team were responsive, thoughtful, and delivered - unfortunately negative results - but I greatly valued his honesty and integrity.
— M. J. Whitehouse, Founder at JumpStart BioDevelopment